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I post a lot of pictures of my dog.

So I get home and take my dog out to the side yard so she can take a poo…
Meanwhile in the yard next to us there is a grown ass man taking a dump, in the grass, in broad daylight. Stay classy, Baltimore.


Anonymous said: stop being so cute! <3

Only if you tell me who sent this!


Glow x
Over the last 4 years I&#8217;ve dropped it in pools and puddles of water but apparently my &#8220;indestructible flip phone&#8221; couldn&#8217;t stand up to the stairs. Shit.
And yesterday while helping my roommate pick up his daughter a rock hit my windshield and left a crack in it and someone totally backed into my car the other day because my hood is all fucked up now.I quit. 

Salva López


Cute girl seeks someone with a huge bathtub. No touching or talking, but you can supply me with Lush products and sit in your house quietly while I take baths. Serious inquiries only.

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